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Comitato Torino UniversitÓ Estate (literally, Turin Summer University Committee) was established in 1998 by the Chancelorĺs Commission of the International Relations Office of the University of Turin.

Since then, under the direction of Professor Marie-Berthe Vittoz, its aim has been meeting the increasing demand for a high quality academic teaching of Italian as a foreign language.
The Committee provides every year Italian language courses to foreigners which stand out for their high educational, cultural and organizational level. Also, the Committee internationally promotes the image of the University of Turin and the image of Turin itself, a city rich in history, art and tradition.


Programme Director
Pr. Marie-Berthe Vittoz

Comunication Staff
Carmen Fiore, Stefania Galante, Lorena Novallet

Clarisse Bouillot, Johan Fauriat

Teachers staff
Erminia Ardissino, Elena Baratono, Giulia Bertolotto, Franca Bosc, Andrea Carosso, Valerio Fissore, Fabia Gatti, Carla Marello, Gaia Napoli, Teresa Nesci, Cristina Onesti, Laura Pelissetti and Chiara Simonigh.